Enterprise E-Commerce Selection Guide for Beginners

It is without any doubt that e-commerce has changed the way people buy and sell in the United Kingdom. However, it is good to know that as long as there are people who demand items, there will always be new sellers getting into the game. The only problem with new enterprise e-commerce entrepreneurs is that they don’t know what they need to have in place so that they can run their online shop even with the little knowledge that they have in this field. If you are getting into e-commerce and still looking for the right platform to use, here is your guide;

Start from the future

When looking for the right e-commerce software to use with your online shop, you will want to make sure that you go for one that will not only manage your current new shop but also after it becomes a large enterprise. Some so many people have ended up with non-scalable e-commerce platforms that have greatly restricted their performance in the market. By considering the future of your online shop, you will find it easy to outline what you will expect from an e-commerce platform.
Without the ability to grow with your company, an e-commerce platform can run your online shop to the ground. That is because it will be preventing you from offering the required services to your customers, forcing them to look for better options. Non-scalable e-commerce platforms have been known to have limited features, including the sales and processing of only a few number of products at a go.
Since online shops take time to receive a stable flow of traffic and orders, many people who began online shops using non-scalable platforms always end up regretting. The mistake they make fears to take the full risk with the thought of getting severe after things get serious. What they don’t know is that once an online shop begins to attract more customers, the worst thing you can do is moving to new servers. That’s because you can lose all the traffic and even your rank on search engine searches.

Get the basics right

The basics of running an online shop include having a well-designed website that is functioning well, a working check out page and products to sell. With those three, you can begin selling provided that you have already chosen the right e-commerce software. It is good to know that some platforms will give you the ability to start selling online after a few minutes of setting up your online shop. A platform like Shopify, for example, will allow you to sign up and set up a complete online store without involving a developer.
That is because it comes with pre-designed website themes that are easy to edit and design according to your idea. Some platforms will need you to work with a web designer because the website will need to be built from scratch. Usually, this takes so much time and can be costly, depending on the designer. However, you can save so much by picking the right e-commerce platform.

Plan for your marketing

The difference between a successful online shop and one that is failing is the way they reach out to customers. Typically, people market on social medial and other online communication platforms. While everyone is allowed equal chances to utilize these opportunities, not all get to have the same experience. It is good to know that as much as everyone is doing the same thing with their online marketing, you might want to get a little creative to attract more attention. Another aspect of online marketing when it comes to e-commerce dramatically depends on the kind of platform you chose to work.

You will find that some platforms come equipped with online marketing tools while others don’t have any in their app store. That is why, before settling to purchase an e-commerce software, you will want to understand the kind of market you are targeting and which is the best way of reaching out to them. Things like SEO are crucial for the success of any online store. That is because it is a technique that will not only attract your customers but will give you good traffic.

Make sure your site is secure

The security of your website should mean everything to you. That is because you stand losing all the money you have ever made through a simple hack on your system. We have heard of organizations that are investing so much money on their online safety, yet people fail to understand what requires so much protection.
As an e-commerce website, your database contains vital information, most of it belonging to your customers. To your surprise, cyber-criminals are so much interested in this information because they need it to create fake identities to commit more crimes. If you cannot find the right security solution for your e-commerce site, you will need to take the shortest way out which is working with an e-commerce platform that offers free hosting to their users.
That is because such platforms typically have e-commerce enhanced servers that are designed to ensure all e-commerce processes on your website are running securely. This is another factor that has dramatically contributed to Shopify being the e-commerce platform of choice for many online entrepreneurs in Australia. Other than keeping away the cybercriminals, these servers will allow you to conduct flash sales without fear of your website breaking down due to too much traffic and activities.


Beginners who get e-commerce right the first time always have something motivating to say about their experience. What they don’t understand is that the beginning of their trouble is when they choose the wrong software that doesn’t have enough features to manage their online shops. It is therefore required that sound research is done before and during your startup. That way, you will be able to set up an online shop that meets all the expectations of your customers. You are also advised to avoid the low-cost e-commerce platforms that have led so many to trouble.

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