How to Use Social Platforms to Sell Tickets Online

best ticket sale tools include Facebook Live,

Social platforms are an excellent way to check how your audience feels about your upcoming event, attract more attention, and sell tickets online! Here is how to take maximum advantage of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram!


Selling tickets online is easier than ever, especially if you know how to take advantage of social platforms and increase the interest in your upcoming event.

In this article we will discuss the best social platforms to use to sell tickets online:

    • Twitter: This is a great platform for communicating with your audience and see how they feel about your event. You can track buzz with fun hashtags and encourage the readers to come and visit your event. Listen to your readers and buyers and make your marketing to better suit their requirement. Twitter allows you to communicate in real time so make sure to take advantage of it.
    • LinkedIn: A great platform for event marketers and sellers who focus on career engagement and networking. LinkedIn has a database of over 300 million users and has numerous ways to sell tickets online. You can start a relevant group, you can buy ads and sponsorships, you can publish content, and much more. In other words, LinkedIn allows to boost exposure and help you sell more tickets.

  • Facebook: The best ticket sale tools include Facebook Live, Events feature, groups, and more. In order for you to take the most out of them, make sure to get in early. We recommend you to post personal, helpful, and professional content on daily basis. Facebook platform is useful if you plan to organize multiple events. You can create your own Facebook group that feels like a friendly meetup and then create a separate page for every new event.
  • Instagram: This is a great platform for posting visual content for your upcoming event. The Instagram’s new feature IGTV offers event marketers to sell even more tickets online. Some great ideas of content you can post on Instagram to market your feature event are: host a live chat with a speaker, post photos from prior events create teaser clips for Instagram stories, release a video leading up to the first day of ticket sales, and add educational resources your followers would love.

Ecommerce solution Shopify can help you build and manage your own online ticket store and provide you with all the tools you need to sell tickets online. Shopify integrates with popular social platforms and you’ll have no problems promoting your upcoming event.

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